New Laws Help the Boat Dealers Increase Boat Sales

For 2014 boat dealers saw fewer boat sales than any other time in the past 15 years. The boat dealer industry has been very careful to take many steps to correct problems on both the manufacturer and dealer ends. While manufacturers and boat dealers are working together to solve the problem, neither group is exactly in bed with each other.

Even though the NMMA has lobbied heavily, boat dealers still managed to gain great ground by winning new boat dealer laws in three states. The laws establish the business Vigorous lobbying by the National Marine Manufacturers Association against legislated dealer agreements did not stop dealers from scoring some major points in the past year with the passage of three new state boat dealer laws in Missouri, New York and eorgia.

These laws define the business relationships between manufacturers of boats and engines and the retailers who sell them. Among other things, boat dealer laws set boat sales territories, require written cancellation well before contracts are terminated, and require boat warranty payment. The idea is that stable dealers of boats will focus on customer service and improve the boat buying experience. However the National Marine Manufacturers Association is contending that the state laws will inhibit competition between boat dealers and ultimately the consumer will suffer.

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Smart Planning On Boat Sales Insurance – Salvage Boat Ownership Deals!

Learn how to plan out a fixed amount of boat sales insurance salvage boat ownership for yourself and make the ultimate affordable deal for yourself as the boat owner, with tips from experts who have been there, done that. Yes, we are talking about using otherwise damaged vessels that can be turned around to give them a new lease on life with adequate repairs and servicing contracts undertaken by buyers smart enough to judge the true value of a good quality salvage boat. These boats come in the category of damaged, second-hand, stolen and detained vessels or those that have been abandoned by their owners yet are still good buys if they have their insurance paid in full up to date.

This means the potential buyer only needs to invest in basic boat repairs and for someone with a working knowledge of using tools necessary to replace boat parts, do a cleaning up and scouring job on a salvaged boat, the DIY skills will be an added bonus in saving servicing costs of hiring professionals to do the same. Since many a time, the salvaged boats are in pretty good condition all they need is a dab hand at replacing old parts and a paint job to refresh the exteriors.

If buyers want to make a smart investment in purchasing a salvaged boat that needs minimum repairs and want to limit costs, they need to check out certain points from a professional boat inspector’s point of view as to the amateur handyman even the biggest repair job may appear small, and therefore salvage boats are not meant for purchase by newbie DIY enthusiasts with little knowledge of the efforts and cost of the tasks.

As the fact remains, the majority of insurance companies auction off wrecked or stolen boats and these opportunities allow buyers to get a closer look at defects contained in the vessel of their choice besides a chance to determine what areas need fixing up; so minor scratches can be overlooked but bigger repair jobs do need to be considered in the total sale price of the salvaged boat. Thus, experts recommend taking along a boating professional with you for the boat sales insurance salvage boat public sale occasion so as to get the right estimate of labor and total cost of the work required on the vessel, to bring it to good working condition, if you are the highest bidder there!

In certain metros, the seized boats that have been used in carrying out a criminal offense are often kept in a closed storage space till the time they can be auctioned off publicly to benefit the city’s department and prove beneficial for budget boat buyers as well. These are typically in better working order and usually confiscated by the city police and at times, go under the hammer along with whatever content is on board at the time of the auction; so there are good chances of a smart buyer being able to buy a $25,000 boat at fifty percent off!

Boat Sales – Know The Basics

Having the know-how about selling a boat is nearly as important as knowing how to buy one. You would obviously want to get the best possible price for your boat without scaring your potential clients away. Here are a few tips to help you with your boat sale experience. Remember to tell you potential buyers a fair amount of what you honestly think of the boat. It will almost always be a waste of time to try and hide any of its drawbacks. The buyers who are looking for second hand boats usually will know a fair deal about what a boat should be, and if they don’t they will probably be accompanied by a friend or relative who can advise them regarding the same. When they see you are being honest about whatever may be wrong with your boat, chances are they will appreciate the gesture of honesty and go ahead and try and make the deal with you – as long as the boat is still in decent shape of course.

First, fair pricing of the boat needs to be done by getting an estimate of its worth. You can consult a professional and put an official value on the boat by having it appraised or follow value estimated in the marine blue booklet and estimate based on accessories and depreciation value of the boat.

It is a pretty serious affair to establish the current value of a boat. You could make a start by getting to know the present going price and deducting depreciation value. Next, add value of accessories along with their condition. This should help you ascertain a fair price both for you as well as the potential clients.

Knowing when it is time to sell your boat

Apart from price setting, you should know when to sell your boat. Take for example making an effort to sell a boat in the winter months will not fetch you potential buyers and may leave you disappointed. However, when you make an attempt to do so at the beginning of boating season may you will probably have buyers flocking to your product and for good prices to match. This lessens the effort you need to take. Therefore, take advantage of the due season to sell your boat.

A little on how one can sell a boat

Knowing how to sell a boat basically means you have it all planned out to the very last detail. All paperwork should be ready and available because misplacement of documents could delay your sale or help lose your potential buyer. The boat should also look its best on display. When you take care of these little things all else should comfortably slip right in to place.

Inflatable Boats Sale – How Does Free Grab You?

Keeping your eyes open for an inflatable boats sales?

Seems like a lot of people are right there with you…especially now that the entire inflatable boat industry has spent the past several years raising the bar on itself and coming out with massive new features that have revolutionized inflatable-boats:

1) New Inflatable Boat Designs.

Take whatever you used to think about these inflatables and let the air out because now there are gorgeous new designs that turn heads. Great new materials and hand crafted stitching as well as colors that get the look mean the old perceptions of these inflatables have turned into the new reality.

2) Advanced Durability of Inflatable Boats

With new hard and soft materials, especially over the air chambers where most of the severe inflatable boat damage used to take place, the durability of these boats has gone through the roof. And with that new durability comes…

3) Fantastic New Warranties On Inflatables

Look hard enough and you will find up to five full years worth of warranties on the best quality inflatable-boats. That should indicate to you just how advanced these boats really have become.

Now, take all that and throw in the possibility that you could actually get one of these for FREE and you suddenly have yourself a great topic, huh?

You can now enter your first name and email address and have the shot at winning a stunning new inflatable-boat FOR NOTHING. You can go to bed without an inflatable, and wake up the very next morning with one…

Be honest, “FOR FREE” has to be the absolute best inflatable boats sale you’ve ever heard of, doesn’t it?

An RC Boats Sale Can Save You Money

Remote control boats are a wonderful way to enjoy being outdoors and having fun connecting with other like minded boating enthusiasts. You can all have great enjoyment as you play with your watercraft on your local lake or pool. It is a great way to bond with others and chat about the latest deals you found while pursuing your favorite sport.

Enjoying playing with remote control watercraft is even more enjoyable when you can find a great price on a new toy. An RC boats sale is wonderful to encounter as it allows you to invest in a new toy and save money at the same time. Finding an RC boats sale is great when it is an advertised special but when you just randomly find an RC boats sale it is even more spectacular. The thrill that comes from finding an unexpected price reduction on a remote control vessel that you have been dreaming of is an absolutely wonderful feeling. You get to take your new toy out on the water and you are able to save money at the same time. That feeling is truly the best of both worlds.

Once you have taken advantage of an RC boats sale you can then take your new toy and show it off to all of your fellow boating enthusiasts. Whether you all gather at a local lake or the neighborhood swimming hole, the thrill of showing off your new toy and telling them about the great deal you got will be all sorts of fun. Once they see what a phenomenal deal you found and how nice your new treasure is, chances are that they will be heading on over to the RC boats sale to take advantage of the great deals too.

Another way to make the most out of your remote control boating activities is to join an online organization for like minded enthusiasts. You can connect with people all over the country including those in your local area and get together for meetings and tournaments. Both singles and families can travel across the country to meet with other individuals to share their passion for remotely controlled water vessels. It is a great way to spend a spring break or summer vacation if you have children that enjoy the hobby too. The entire family can load up in the family vehicle and travel to a boating tournament to enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. Not only does your family get to spend quality time together but they also get to see the country at the same time.

Choosing to spend time enjoying remotely controlled watercraft is a wonderful way to enjoy being active outdoors and to enjoy the company of other boating fans. It is definitely a hobby that is worth checking out.

Get Started Sailing With An RC Boats Sale

An RC boats sale can be a really great way to get into the hobby. Typically, high-quality model boats can be quite expensive. If you are not sure whether you will be interested or not, an inexpensive entry route can be very useful. Many people around the world enjoy RC boating. It is generally a peaceful way to spend time, although some racing series can be very exciting and competitive. There are many different kinds of boats that people use, and each will suit a particular person’s preferences. It is a good idea to get started in any hobby with some idea of the variation on offer.

Toy Boats

Some RC boats for sale will be the cheap toy models. These are simple molded-plastic toys that are intended for children and newcomers. They can certainly be good fun for your first-ever experience, and many are available for very low prices, especially second-hand. However, judging the entire field of RC boating by these entry-level models is a very bad idea. The more expensive, elaborate and high-quality boats available are often worlds ahead in terms of their performance and handling, not to mention their appearance.

Quality Models

There are two different types of high-quality model boats available, broadly speaking. On the one hand, you have the nearly indestructible plastic variety. These are essentially more elaborate versions of the plastic toys mentioned above. Typically, they are considerably faster and better-designed in general. On the other hand, you have the accurate scale models of real vessels. These can range from civilian pleasure craft to military destroyers and the like. While these can cost considerably more than the entry-level variants, you can still get a very good deal through perusing an RC boats sale either in your area or on an online store.

Specialist Types

There are a few types of RC boats that are really intended primarily for experts who are deeply committed to their hobbies. One is the dedicated racer. These models are designed for maximum speed and agility, and can take real skill to control. In the hands of an expert, they can race round courses remarkably quickly, but they are typically twitchy and extremely responsive. Another type is the top-class scale model, which is intended to be as accurate as possible to its inspiration. Finally, there are model sailing boats, which require wind and an understanding of sailing just like a real boat. Any of these might be found at an RC boats sale, but expect to pay a considerably higher price nonetheless.


Different people prefer different styles of RC boat. Success at any RC boats sale depends on figuring out your criteria in advance. If all you want is a cheap beginner’s model to get started, you are probably in luck. However, if you want to save some money on a more elaborate model, make sure that you have the skill to use it and plenty of room for it too, whether that includes flat water for racers or an open area with a gentle breeze for sailing boats. Get these things right, and you are sure to have fun.

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Salvage Boat Sales – All You Need To Know!

Every single day there are boats that are abandoned, damaged or seized thanks to illegal activities of owners. When a vessel is damaged in accident, quite often the insurance agents will pay the owner of the vessel and then remain stuck with a vessel that they did not use. And then being damaged, it is not easy to sell it of course. Everyone is sceptical of buying a boat which is damaged.

So often businesses such as catering companies and such individuals will visit the sale lifeboat to find excellent deals on boats majorly damaged. They then get the boat repaired, put on a fresh layer of paint, and what do you know – it sells for a good price now. So how is it that concerns you? It does affect you because the consumer is he who has paid the additional costs. In most cases, public is invited to participate in the recovery boat sales and so, can make their own purchases. If you have an opportunity to repair and make a bit of work, well -you could save a few thousand dollars.

Salvage boat sales are usually heralded by the media to inform the public. Be sure to research the models and vessels and have an idea of the values and types of repair that must be completed. In this way, you could do the same as the restoration business and keep thousands of people as your potntial clients. Sales of craft are ideal for people who love the sea and wish for a boat, but they cant afford the costs involved. These vessels are usually sold at a price much smaller which allows repairs and edits to be done to the boat for the return of normal order.

Another good method to get a boat or a luxury yacht is to make a visit to the rescue boat sales. Sometimes luxury boats were seized in illegal activities. These boats are then sold at auction to ta highest bidder, which would hopefully be you. In most cases these vessels would have cost the first owner thousands of dollars, but are being sold at a fraction of that price for various reasons. It is a definite win-win situation, the boats are usually large state so that minor repairs could be necessary.

One thing to consider when you buy a boat is to make sure you deal with the right agent. There are a few people who repait damages boats and pass them off as ‘used only for a week’ and such. Worst case scenario, antisocial elements also try and sell off stolen boats after a fresh coat of paint and a new identity has been given to the boat.

Boat Sales Services – Reasons They Are So Important

If you have your own boat then responsibility to have it maintained also becomes important. Owning a boat requires adequate responsibility. Regular servicing of the boat ensures good working order as the same applies to all major investments. If you neglect servicing your boat time to time then you will end up losing your boat. it becomes very important to keep your boat serviced so as to ensure that the parts are not rusted and damaged. As a matter of fact any thing you buy for example a fridge or a ir conditioner or a car you will have to get it serviced from time to time or else the life span of that will become shot.It will be a good idea to always buy a boat through a company which deals with boat sales so that they can keep visiting time to time to ensure that your boat is in a good condition. And most of the company’s services are very reliable.

These boat company’s have many certification to provide services on their products. Its always good to know about the services provided by these makers of boat, this will not only help you to be sure of their good work but leave you tension free and you can be relaxed about the condition of your personal boat. The manufacturers certify the boat sales service if they have the appropriate means and equipment and also information about the facilities to service a boat. When it comes to look out for a good sales company make sure they offer boat service also.

Any Good boat sales company will not only be able to provide good and required services but also they will have tie ups with other companies who provide services. Also you should make sure that your service company provides service at a reasonable price and also take excellent care of your property. Remember always that while detailing or also when in comes to storing a boat, details attended to shows the quality of the services provided by these boats. These are of repute and reliable, unlike some who can’t deliver the services they claim to.

While choosing a company which offers sales in the area of boats, remember to check whether they have boat accessories and related products. If you decide to make additional modifications to your boat, it is best that your company carries these additional products. Some times it happens that these service companies have no idea about the products you might require like those of the water boat mirrors. Purchases from other companies may not be compatible with your boat because of lack of familiarity. It is best therefore to select a reputed company which offers good condition boats and enjoy the best time in the lake without any tension and worries. hope this article has provided you help in the area of selecting a company which also has services for your boat.

Repossessed Boat Sales – Cash In On The Bargains!

Do not confuse the term “repossessed” with “refurbished” or “restored”. Repossessed basically means that a property has been confiscated by the authorities for one of many reasons, a boat may be repossessed by the financing agency for not payment of dues by the borrower, or it may be repossessed by the bank or financing company as collateral that was put up for a loan. Many people feel that a repossessed boat is a boat that has been badly cared for and has been in an accident or some other disaster and is not worth the trouble bidding for. Nothing can be further from the truth, repossessed boats can be a very good bargain especially at repossessed boat sales organized by auction houses hired by the authority selling the repossessed boat.

If you are following a dream to have your own boat and are investigation all the possible avenues you can acquire a boat for yourself, do not completely ignore the repossessed boat sales and auctions. Many a man has gotten his first boar from a repossessed boat sale. So many people dream of owning their boat that they do not plan their purchase very well. They are talked into buying a boat they can not really afford. Then they end up defaulting on the payments to the finance company and the boat is ultimately repossessed by the financier and is sold at a repossessed boat sale to recover the finances put into the boat.

Because the finance company is not concerned with recovering all the money put into the boat, like the owner would like to. The bank of financier usually is concerned with the amount that is outstanding and aims to recover it first. Now suppose the boat cost a total of 50,000 dollars and the owner has already paid 20% of the total cost and in addition has also repaid part of the 80% loan he took from the financier, what is left is about 60% of the total cost of the boat which is sold at the repossessed boat sale is recovered through the auction. This means that you could get a perfect boat for as little as 60% of the cost of a new one. As you can see you can get a great deal at a repossessed boat sale so give it a try you never know, you could get a deal of a lifetime.

However, if you are going to a repossessed boat sale you should proceed with caution. Look for signs of damage or changed parts in the engine. Tell tale signs are usually the oil spills and scratches on the engine nuts and bolts. The condition of the engine is of prime importance as are the electrical wiring of the boat. These can cost you a packet if you need to have them repaired and must be considered when you are placing your bid for the boat.

Cabin Cruiser Boat Sales – Style And Luxury In Missouri!

Your time is spent in a combination of luxury and style on the cabin cruiser while you are sailing. In Missouri, you could always come across cabin cruisers boat sales that are most reasonable priced. Available in a wide range and variety of sizes and accommodations, these powerful boats also come with varying capacity of power. Spending time sailing on the water with your complete family and some friends is a fantastic way to relax and unwind. This is what the cabin cruiser offers not only is it a home away from home but with all the luxuries thrown in too.

A party boat fit for celebrities

Lavish parties fit for celebrities can be thrown on the cabin cruiser. The frequent parties that the celebrities do attend on water are on these boats which offer them all the luxuries and comforts that they are used to. You can also rent these boats if you wish, though the costs keep escalating rather fast. To buy your own boat if you wish to spend time on water and to throw some luxurious parties, it would be best to locate the boat sales cabin cruisers sale Missouri. This way not only would you save some money but also own the boat to do with whatever you please.

Tour the water in luxury

It would be a dream come true for anyone to see all those beautiful scenic sights by touring on a cabin cruiser. Several people who have finished with work and are retired, and who wish to spend as much time as possible on water, with all the comforts and luxury of home thrown in, should opt for a cabin cruiser.

This boat offers all that luxury that they may want to these retired people. Discounted prices, with a variety to choose from, is what they would find at Boat sales cabin cruisers sale Missouri. A good time to buy your boat is when a new model has come in or a later style, because then you could get it for a much more discounted rate.

An exhilarating invigorating experience

To be close to nature is the most wonderful experience to relax and to unwind, far from the hum drum crowds. This natural way of relaxation can be experienced on a tour of the water on a cabin cruiser. You can get all the information that you need from the boat sales cabin cruisers sale Missouri to purchase your boat. They will assist you in getting the right type of boat as per you budget. No matter what the size of the boat that you are looking for, you can be sure that you will find the right one of your choice.

The best boating experience that you can have is on a cabin cruiser’s tour on the natural water ways of Missouri. There is nothing to surpass this great experience.